School Sports Injuries

Recovering for Injured Athletes.

A serious sports injury can instantly derail a young athlete’s prospects for the future. Failing to properly supervise or safeguard school athletic activities can easily lead to catastrophic orthopedic or traumatic brain injuries. There’s a new appreciation for football related concussions and their devastating effects on a child’s developing brain. The impact of an injured child has ripple effects impacting the entire family due to unexpected time off from work, medical bills and stress. We believe safety is the first priority, not winning games. We’ll go head to head with school districts that put their sports program above a student’s well-being.

Negligent Supervision: $2.4 Million

In July 2008, our client (a 15-year-old boy) signed up for football tryouts at Hollywood High School. During the unsupervised and authorized practice, he suffered a debilitating neck injury. The school failed to provide instruction or safety equipment. Our client sustained a fracture of the C6 vertebrae, a torn cervical injury and a head injury. […]

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