Intellectual Property Litigation

Artistic creativity, scientific discoveries, and inventions are precious creations that deserve protection. A limited monopoly on this human-created property is essential to fostering future innovations and advancement. Without safeguarding intellectual property rights, fewer people would commit their time and energy to the research and development needed to introduce unique ideas to the world.

Fighting IP infringement that seeks to profit from another individual’s inventions is critical. Intellectual property is protected under federal and state laws, and the attorneys at Balaban | Spielberger are experienced at negotiating settlements and pursuing litigation in matters relating to a range of IP rights.

IP laws protect against copyright infringement on creative works that include music, art, and writing. Trademarks such as symbols, logos, sounds, words, colors, and product labels that make it unique from others also fall under IP protection. Intellectual property rights are patents on new machinery, high-tech equipment, and manufactured items. Trade secrets are at the core of some of the most successful companies in America. Coveted source codes, customer lists, or recipes allow corporations to stay competitive in highly aggressive markets. Stealing, divulging, or misusing trade secrets without consent requires experienced litigators like the trial lawyers at Balaban | Spielberger.